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Building better climate action.

Effective environmentalism means using evidence and careful analysis to find the most effective interventions for fighting climate change, air pollution, and other environmental challenges. We're building a community or people and organisations focusing on solutions that work at scale, are tractable, and neglected in conventional environmental action.

What is effective environmentalism?

There are many good-hearted initiatives to halt climate change and reduce pollution, but many ways are ineffective or even harmful. The effective environmentalism community focuses on finding the most effective ways to tackle global environmental issues.

This led to many ideas:

  • It's critical to consider how many emissions, how much biodiversity loss, or how much pollution will be saved by an intervention.

  • We should focus on interventions that are important, tractable, and neglected.

  • It's important to take into account how climate action can benefit or harm global development, communities, and animal welfare.

  • Green lifestyle choices can reduce your personal footprint, but don't matter as much as your career, donations, or activism.

Image by Firosnv. Photography

What is the effective environmentalism community working on?

Effective environmentalism isn't one organisation, but a broad community of people working on many projects with one common goal: maximize their positive impact on the environment. Below are some examples of what the effective environmentalism movement is working on.

Research and ideas

We highlight some of the writing, research, and practical advice that has inspired the effective environmentalism movement.

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