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These are charities recommended by grantmaking and charity evaluation organizations that are part of the Effective Altruism movement. 

Founders Pledge Report recommends

Founder's Pledge also has a Climate Change Fund which is "a mixed portfolio of robust and reliable funding opportunities and high-risk bets"


Giving Green recommends
  • Clean Air Task Force which supports technology innovation and policy change

  • Evergreen Collaborative for climate advocacy in US policy.

  • Carbon 180 aims to accelerate the development and implementation of carbon removal technologies and practices, which would remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it away for hundreds of years

  • Burn aims at reducing GHG emissions from fuel-intensive stoves in Kenya. (offers carbon credits)

  • Tradewater destroys refrigerants and gases with high warming potential. (offers carbon credits)

  • ClimeWorks, a Swiss company that does Direct Air Capture (DAC) and either sequesters collected CO2  underground or sells it for commercial purposes. (offers carbon credits)​

  • Charm Industrial converts agriculture residues into bio-oil. (offers carbon credits)

If you are based in Australia, you may want to consider

  • Beyond Zero Emissions, an independent think-tank whose research shows the technological and financial feasibility of achieving zero emissions in Australia.

  • Farmers for Climate Action unites farmers to lead climate solutions on-farm and advocate together for stronger climate policy.

  • Original Power supports Australia’s First Nations communities to self-determine what happens on their country.

Let’s Fund recommends

Clean Energy Innovation Program (part of the Information Technology & Innovation Fund think tank) - a program to increase government budgets for clean energy R&D. Their analysis is available here, see also this summary of the program.