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These are charities recommended by grantmaking and charity evaluation organizations that are part of the Effective Altruism movement. 

Based on Founders Pledge and Giving Green's research, we recommend
  • Carbon 180 works closely with policymakers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and organizations to design and champion policies that will bring carbon removal solutions to gigaton scale and establish the US as an international leader in an emerging industry

  • Industrious Labs helps global heavy industries (e.g., steel and cement) to make low-carbon commitments and create relevant policy and government incentives

  • Evergreen Collaborative researches and advocates climate policies in the US

  • Clean Air Task Force which supports technology innovation and policy change (including nuclear energy)

If you are unsure about donating to a single organization, you may consider a fund like

If you are based in Australia, you may want to consider

  • Beyond Zero Emissions, an independent think-tank whose research shows the technological and financial feasibility of achieving zero emissions in Australia

  • Farmers for Climate Action which unites farmers to lead climate solutions on-farm and advocate together for stronger climate policy

  • Original Power to support Australia’s First Nations communities to self-determine what happens on their country

Last updated: May 2023

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